Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tricky Mink 3D Lashes

I am super excited to share my review of a makeup related product on my blog today. Jazmine from Tricky Hair was kind enough to send me a pair of their new gorgeous 3D Mink lashes to try and review on my blog for my followers! If you aren’t familiar with the company, Tricky Hair sells clip in hair extensions and 3D Mink Eye Lashes. Visit them at Tricky Hair Extensions.

When these arrived to my door, I instantly fell in love and I didn’t even open the box. The lashes come in this gorgeously designed, sturdy box with a magnetic snap closure so it is perfect for storing your lashes safely and cleanly when you aren’t wearing them.

The lashes themselves are absolutely stunning. They are extremely high quality lashes and as long as you take care of them, these can be worn up to 20-25 times!! These are not your regular drugstore lashes which can lose their shape rather quickly and can only be worn a maximum of 5 times if you are lucky!

This particular pair would be absolutely stunning for a date night, night out with your girlfriends, or even for a photoshoot. They are flirty, dramatic and the perfect little addition you need to your makeup look to make your eyes pop!

I wore mine with a nude matte eye, and bold fall lip colour (Tarte “Hangry” in case you are wondering). They are extremely comfortable and didn't irritate my eyes whatsoever!

Tricky lashes are brand new so they aren’t for sale yet but they will be very soon! Mink lashes usually run for a little more expensive than normal synthetic lashes but remember how much use you get out of them. Do the math – say 1 pair is $30 and you wear them 25 times, that’s less than a dollar per wear!!

I hope you enjoyed my lash review! Thanks so much for reading!

Much Love,