Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Affordable Face Primer!

Are you ready for a face primer that is super affordable, available at your local drug or grocery store, and has 3 times more product in the bottle than makeup brands face primers? 

Nivea Men's Aftershave Balm

Wait, what??

This is for real! First of all I just give credit where credit is due. I have been watching the Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials for about 3 years now and (as far as I know) she's the one who started this crazy (and amazing) phenomenon. If I remember the story correctly, she forgot her primer or moisturizer and went to her boyfriends products to see if she could find something to hold her over. Throughout the day, she noticed it was holding onto her foundation like a dream. When she showed it in her monthly favourites video I had to try it to see what the hype was and it immediately became my holy grail! 

So what makes this product comparable to a primer you would get at Sephora? Well, one of the first ingredients listed on the bottle is glycerine which leaves a mild tacky finish - perfect for foundation to adhere to. 

There are a few added bonuses to this product. The product itself has an instant cooling sensation and if you are like me and suffer from constantly being too warm, this is such a treat! It also acts as a moisturizer so if you feel up for it, you can use it for both moisturizing and priming (yay for skipping a step in your morning routine). Nivea website claims that it alleviates redness (which makes sense, because this IS something men put on their face after they shave) so if you have any mild discolouration it's going to help with that as well! 

Some people call this a downfall of the product but I secretly enjoy the scent. It's a men's product so of course it's going to smell like men's aftershave. But the scent does fade out pretty quickly so you won't spend your day smelling like a man. If you are afraid of/or sensitive to scents you may want to use this with caution. I am not scent sensitive but I do have extremely sensitive/finicky oily skin and I have had absolutely no issues with the "sensitive skin" version of this product. 

The consistency silky, thin, and blends out very nicely. With all primers, you must let this set into the skin for a bit before you continue with your makeup routine. So keep yourself occupied for a minute or two and let it dry for best results!

Now let's talk about that price tag. Most places sell this at under $10 a bottle which is a total steal for 100ml of product. Primers that makeup lines sell are going to be anywhere from $10 - $50 or more for a third of the bottle.

I have been using this for almost a year now and It is hands down one product I will always keep on my makeup table. People always ask for product recommendations and I praise this to the clouds every time. Give it a try...maybe this will be a holy grail of yours too!!