Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brunette Dry Shampoo...Yay or Nay?

Dry shampoo has become one of those products that is an absolute must in a lot woman's lives. I was one of those ladies who washed, dried, and styled their hair every day until I discovered dry shampoo - now I only wash and dry my hair 2-3 times a week (with minimal daily styling). My hair is so much healthier now and I don't go through near as much hair products as I used to. Let's be real here...who has time to be washing, drying and styling your hair every single day? If you enjoy washing your hair every day and you have the time to spend on it every day...more power to ya! But life is busy...we have kids, significant others, jobs/careers, dogs, families, social lives, etc. that take up a lot of our time. I, I LOVE my sleep and dry shampoo saves me anywhere from 15-20 minutes about 4-5 days a week! Roughly add up all the time I've been saving...that's a lot of extra sleep! :)

In case you have no idea what dry shampoo is...I'll give you the low down. Dry shampoo is a product that comes in spray or powder form that cleanses your hair without water or regular shampoo. The product soaks up the oils in your hair and makes you look like you just washed your hair. Some people also use it for volume at their roots even when they just washed their hair!

So how do you use it? Well I just lift my hair up in sections of my hair with my brush and spray at the root holding the can about 6 inches away. My crown and bangs tend to get the most oily so I focus on them a little more, let it sit for a few seconds, work it in with my fingers, then brush through and style.

I have tried numerous dry shampoo products from salon to drugstore and there's one brand that I keep going back to - that is Batiste. It is super affordable at about $7-$10 a can), very easy to get your hands on (Shoppers, walmart, and Winners all carry it), comes in so many different amazing scents. If you are a salon product kinda girl, my favorite salon dry shampoo is KMS hair play that will set you back about $20 a can depending on where you buy it. 

Are there any negatives on dry shampoo? Well there is one for me. The product usually comes in a stark white colour which will mostly disappear when you work the product in with your fingers and brush it out but for us brunettes we have to work a little harder than people with light hair to make sure it's blended in. 

My friend Catherine is also a brunette and she gave me a new dry shampoo product that was specifically for brunettes by Batiste that sprays brown instead of white - what an amazing concept! Other than minor staining of the skin (that usually came off with soap and water), it was a product from heaven!! When I ran out, I couldn't find it again so I decided to try another brunette dry shampoo by Salon Grafix called "Play it Big" Volumizing Dry Shampoo". 

I was so disgusted with this particular product that it made me want to write a blog to rant about it. It seemed ok at first but when I washed my hair after using the product, my shower told a different story. There were brown coloured suds from the floor to ceiling, and all over the plastic curtain. It was 100% NOT from my dye as my hair wasn't freshly dyed when I first used this product. It was the dry shampoo! Now that may not be a problem for some, but I was wiping down my shower walls every single time I washed my hair! Can you imagine what would happen if I got caught in the rain with that product in my hair? My clothing would probably be ruined!!! The product also transferred from my brush to my forehead when I would brush my bangs into place which was another uncecessary clean up. Those were deal breakers for me and I will never purchase the product again! I must note that I didn't have either of those problems with the Batiste product for brunettes but unfortunately that particular product is difficult to find in my city.

So dry shampoo...yay or nay? For me...a definite yay. Dry shampoo specifically for brunettes? I don't think it's worth the hype and depending on the product it's more messy than what it's worth. Dry shampoo has saved my life and my hair and I think I'll be sticking to regular old white since it's hard to find batiste for brunettes where I live. If you are going for the brunette version of dry shampoo...stick with Batiste if you can find it - but sprays dark so it is harder to work with. Stay far away from the Salon Grafix in my opinion. I have gone back to the regular white Batiste and even though I have to spend a few more seconds working it in, it sure beats cleaning my shower and forehead every single time I use it. Batiste is by far my favorite brand! :)

If you are going to the store to look for it, they are in very retro looking cans like this:

If you don't have dry shampoo in your life you are missing out. I could never live without it now!

See you in the next blog post!

Much love,