Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review & How-to: Avon Nail Sprinkles

I got a nail product review & how-to blog post for you today! :)

My grandmother gave me a product Avon just put out on the market - Avon Nail Sprinkles. I was so excited to try it out!! She gave me an Avon lilac nail polish, and the "Purple Confetti" sprinkles to match.
The sprinkles have 3 different colours in them: navy, purple and silver - which are very complimentary to the lilac nail polish. I figured that having the sprinkles on every nail was a bit too much so I decided to do the lilac polish on my pinkie, middle and pointer finger, and the sprinkles on my ring finger and thumb as accent nails. I really like how it turned out!

They were so easy to apply - I just painted my nail with the lilac nail polish, then dipped my finger into the sprinkles (nail down) while the nail polish was still wet and let it dry. I figured I would flatten it out with a top coat as the sprinkles are textured and 3D so I put Seche Vite Top Coat on top and it just didn't look right so I had to redo my ring finger. I do not recommend a top coat on the sprinkles but I did use it on my other nails. The two nails with the sprinkles did dry pretty quickly on its own so skipping the top coat isn't a huge deal. I think it is very important to use the coloured nail polish under the sprinkles (instead of a clear or top coat) because it acts as a background and pulls the look together.

I am definitely hard on my nails as I handle a lot of paper and filing at my day job. I did this manicure the night before, and by lunch time the next day the sprinkles were already coming off especially at the tips (I actually had to redo the tips that evening so I could take a picture for my blog post). Honestly, I don't think the sprinkles are meant to last a long time and they are more for fun - such as a girls night out, or even a photoshoot that your hands will visible. I got a lot of compliments on them and I really like how they look despite their short lasting power!

The removal process is a little on the difficult side. You could remove them using the foil, acetone and cotton method used to remove glitter nail polish (just google it if you are not sure what I'm talking about...its very popular)! Or if you have the Nail Soakers & 100% acetone, that would work great as well. I bought the nail soakers on eBay and they are the best things ever - I highly recommend those if you own any glitter nail polishes! Just make sure you moisturize your hands and oil up those cuticles after using 100% acetone because it can be very drying and damaging.

If you are looking for something fun to try, I definitely recommend these! They are very easy to apply, look really awesome and are fun for ladies of all ages. I hope you enjoyed my review and how-to on the Avon Nail Sprinkles! Stay tuned tomorrow for another curvy girl outfit :)

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