Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Curvy Girl Fashion - Chervon Maxi Dress

Happy Wednesday! :)

This is an outfit from about 2 weeks ago when we actually had spring-like temperature here in Newfoundland. Mother Nature doesn't seem want to let Winter go as we just had snow two nights this week (I had to clear snow my car off this morning and yesterday). IN MAY!!!! :(

So this gorgeous black and white chevron dress is from Forever 21+. I intended to do this blog while the dress was still online but just as I suspected - it sold out fast! So unfortunately, I am not able to link this dress for purchase (I will update the blog if it comes back in stock!). I looked at this on the website for a week before I ordered it because I wasn't sure about the strapless feature. My friend Catherine ordered it and recommended it, so I figured I would give it a shot (we don't mind having the same dress, just in case you were wondering). I'm so glad I got it before it sold out because it is now one of my favorite maxi dresses in my closet! It is a little long for me but I make it work by pulling it up a little under the bust. It has sort of an empire waste so it flows from the chest area and is very flattering. 

In the first outfit, I paired it with a denim vest from Reitmans, some tan booties and of course, a sock bun. In the second picture with my long time friend Crystal, I paired it with a coral v-neck cardigan from Forever 21+ (which is also one of my favorite items in my closet right now. I'm OBSESSED with coral...just ask my husband haha). So the dress is very versitile and can be worn a lot of different ways. There's a very good chance this dress will pop in up in another outfit during the Summer and even in the Fall!!

So as you can probably tell from that last picture, I got bangs the last time I got my hair cut (Thanks Maria)!! I wanted a little change and have been contemplating bangs for a long time. They make me look younger, but I've gotten so many compliments on them and I really love them! I took this picture just after I left the salon :)

So I just celebrated my 32nd birthday and my husband gave me a Nikon point and shoot! It takes really amazing pictures and I plan to revamp my blog with better photos of outfits, makeup, nails, etc. I hope to find some time to give my blog a makeover as well - change it around a little bit, update the background, colours and all that fun stuff. Life is crazy with my new day time job, social gatherings, and everything else, but I hope to have it all done soon!

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading :)

Much Love,

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