Thursday, April 17, 2014

Curvy Girl Fashion - I'm back (plus 3 outfits)

Soo...I know - I've been super slack with the blog posts.  I've honestly haven't put much effort into any outfits over the winter so I haven't been really putting together that is blog worthy. Our winter here in Newfoundland was absolutely brutal - it started in early December and is still not technically over (we are suppose to get another snow storm this weekend...seriously)! Winter 2013-2014 has been snow storm after snow storm, hundreds of centimeters of snow, recording breaking freezing temperatures, and a huge province wide power outage. So needless to say, we are all pretty tired of the bad weather and longing for the spring and summer months. Getting dressed every morning was a struggle so the blog suffered from that big time. I basically wore dresses with tights and Blundstones all winter long!

But I got my inspiration back, bought a few new spring/summer items, and I'm hoping to be back on track again with the fashion blogs. A lot of new people are following me in Instagram and Twitter (and I keep getting added to Twitter lists as a fashion blogger) so there are still people coming to my blog and connecting with me. I have over 30,000 views on my blog now!!!

So I have some plans for my blog - I'm going to change the design around when I get some free time, and I'm going to bring the photos up a notch by taking pictures of my outfits with a point and shoot instead of my iPhone (I asked for a new camera for my upcoming birthday) so the pics will be much better quality coming very soon! I'm also going to try to include links to where I got my clothing items if they are still online (this will mostly be for the things I get from Forever 21+). I'm also going to put more makeup posts in between to keep everything flowing such as reviews, product comparisons, products I love, photos, etc.

For now, I have a few outfits I'd like to share to get this blog going again!

I wore this outfit on Tuesday - a floral peplum top from Forever 21+, black ankle dress pants from Reitmans, and just some flats from Payless.

This may be one of my favorites - the striped dress is from Forever 21+, lilac cardigan is from Reitmans, and the tan wedges are from Payless. I wore this on Wednesday - the one day we had like 17 degrees here in months. This dress is extremely comfortable and very flattering - I highly recommend it!

And since we have a holiday tomorrow for Good Friday, my work treated today as "Friday" so we got to wear our casual clothes. Nothing special about this outfit but I think the pink Toms really give it some character. The boyfriend jeans & boyfriend cardigan are from Old Navy, and the grey tank is from Smart Set. I got my toms at a local store called "Twisted Sister" - they are in Youth sizes because I have small feet and fit into them (and they are cheaper!). It said "Pink" on the box as their colour but they almost have a coral colour to them when I compared it to my coral nail polish! Either way, they were a hit at work today and I got a lot of compliments on them! :)

Stay tuned for a blog makeover and lots more outfits. Thanks for sticking with me even when I am too uninspired to post outfits. Lots of exciting things coming!!

Much Love,