Sunday, October 6, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion - 90's grunge is back!!

So, I have mixed feelings that flannel plaid, distressed, combat boots, oversized everything, etc are back in style. I'm happy because that was my absolute favorite era - clothing, music, memories (I grew up as a teenager in the mid to late 90's so I really got to experience everything it had to offer). But at the same time I am a little sad that I'm actually old enough to see a trend go out and come back in again decades later. My friend Kathy texted me from Montreal over the summer and showed me a picture of a store display she saw. Everything was plaid flannel, huge, and distressed. I was so excited and hoped that the trend would make its way here (newfoundland is a little slow with the trends, I find). I'm finally starting to see the stores here follow the trend but I'm not sure if it will catch on or not. Either way, I plan to rock the 90's trend for my more casual days and weekends. I know this is not for everyone but I'm loving it!

I put this outfit together for Friday but I have some more 90's inspired outfits to come throughout the fall. The plaid flannel shirt came from Forever 21+, the jeans are boyfriend jeans from Old Navy (These are "skinny" and I'm not loving the shape - I'll keep looking for something straighter from the hip and a little more distressed), the faux leather moto jacket is from Reitmans (I know, right? They are totally moving up in the world), and the boots are Madden Girl (purchased at Shoe Company). Even though Kings of Leon are not 90's, the short skinny jeans with the boots kinda gives the outfit a little Kings of Leon rock feel at the same time.

Hope you like it!

Much Love,


  1. I think nostalgia has lead you astray from anything fashionable here. Boyfriend jeans on plus sized women often means mom jeans instead. Body type is critcal. By looking at your blog it looks like you are an apple or tomato shape so you'd be right to try and find something a little wider to balance your upper body. Plus size doesn't equate to being curvy so with this body type some strategic layering and accenting could make a wider hip and a nipped in waist. (think peplum tops and a-line dresses) I have a similar shape and was looking for some inspiration in the grunge department without looking dumpy. What I'm thinking is
    a longer plaid shirt that flows away from the body under a sweater that hits nearer my natural waist. This is very 90s but a mix of prep and grunge. The other option I have in mind is plaid under a long cardigan belted at my natural waist paired with distressed straight leg jeans rolled with a chunkier Oxford. Taking fashion risks is part of building personal style. I look forward to seeing the rest of your 90s ensembles and trying some of my own.

    1. "I think nostalgia has lead you astray from anything fashionable here. Boyfriend jeans on plus sized women often means mom jeans instead."

      LOL this is HILARIOUS and SO TRUE.

      Hannabonana you can tell is a REAL fashion expert. She knows her stuff. Just compare what she said to aprilpinkbeauty and the difference is obvious. The owner of this blog does not know much about fashion or blogging about fashion.

      Her blogs consist of 'I bought X dress at Forever-21 and paired with Y boots from the thrift store with my Z guess watch' lol

      The only reason you 'blog' is to try and get free products. Oh and also you can't cal yourself a 'makup artist' or 'fashion expert' just because you do an occasional gig part time that someone was nice enough to offer to you out of pity.

      Get your head out of the clouds and come back down to earth dear April Pink Beauty. Your EGO is sickening.

  2. i think you look cute! i hope forever 21 still has that plaid shirt because i want it now! i rock the skinny jean regularly, and i think balance is key to pulling is off. the outfit hanna is describing sounds cute too. 2 variations on the same trend!