Sunday, May 12, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion - Night Time Look

Last night my school had a wine tasting fundraiser and I wanted to share the outfit I put together! Sorry for the not so great quality - this was taken after I got home so its in my dark hallway and sort of grainy. 

You might remember this skirt from my very first Curvy Girl Fashion blog post paired with a chunky knit sweater and some boots. This is what I love about these can wear them casually or totally dress them up which is what I did last night. The skirt is the pink bandage skirt from Forever 21+, the white woven scoop tank is from Forever 21+ (I wore a white tank top from Old Navy for some extra coverage underneath because its really sheer), and some really high black peep toe sling back wedges from Payless. For jewlery went with a black and silver theme: zebra teardrop earrings from Forever 21, my pandora bracelet, my black Guess watch and a geometric black, white and silver necklace from Reitmans. I curled my hair and wore a really dark smokey eye with nude lips. I don't go out to something fancy very often so I really wanted to blog about this outfit. I hope you like it :)

I got around in these wedges (including a lot of dancing) for about 4-5 hours - my feet were sore last night but today my knees and legs are killing me! The price we pay for fashion, hey? I tumbled a few times because I'm not used to being so tall and so far away from the ground :D (and it wasn't the wine either). Since my injury last year, I find that high heels aggravate the bone I broke so I've been buying and wearing more wedges.

And before I end this blog I just wanted to share the new additions to my Pandora bracelet. I purchased a couple of cheap charms from a kiosk in the mall (the pink cupcake and the drink) to fill it up a bit. I also went back to the store where my husband got my bracelet and got two "Lazy Daisy" clips and a music note charm (all Pandora). I'm going to stop buying for a while because it is quite an expensive thing to collect :)

See you in the next blog!

Much Love,

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