Saturday, May 18, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion - Chambray with Maxi Skirt

I know you've seen this chambray shirt on my blog already (and probably Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too) but its one of my favorite Friday/weekend pieces and I just love it! I usually wear it with leggings or skinny denim jeans but now I want to show you how I wear it with a black maxi skirt. Its still a casual look but I think the maxi skirt slightly dresses it up a little bit. I like how it makes me look a little bit taller - and who said short people can't wear maxi skirts & dresses? I think they look great on everyone! If you are short and buy one that's too long, just simply bring it to a seamstress to hike it up to the right length for your height!

The skirt is from Old Navy (it has a drawstring waist, stretchy, and made of legging material so its really comfortable), the chambray shirt is from Forever 21 Plus, and the white tank underneath is from Old Navy as well. Since this was yesterday's work outfit, for shoes I am wearing a pair of blue floral open toe flats from Payless (I just love Payless for their cheap cute flats!!). For jewelry I have a pair of owl earrings my Nan gave me (can't see them here but they are cute), my Guess watch, and of course, my Pandora bracelet (with no new charm additions this time).

Sorry for the grainy, dark picture again - my husband wasn't around to take a pic for me. I'm going to try to get more outdoors non-mirror pictures of my outfits since there's no ugly snow on the ground and its warmer!

Thanks for reading. See you in the next blog :)

Much Love,

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