Friday, April 19, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion - Leopard Print & Stripes

Today's outfit wasn't overly exciting. I kept it pretty low key and casual but I wanted to post it because of the top half combination. I saw a leopard print scarf paired with a black and white striped shirt on Pinterest and loved the concept! On my own I would never put this together - two bold prints in one outfit seemed like a fashion faux pas to me but its actually an amazing combo!

My shirt is from Forever 21+, jeans are just regular flared leg blue jeans from Bluenotes, the scarf is a cheapie from eBay (I paid like $5 with shipping for it), and I just wore some tan mid calf boots with my jeans down over them instead of tucked in. Accessories are my Guess watch and of course my new glasses! These were my 2nd (free) pair and it turns out people like them way more than my first pair!! My phone case is an anchor print case from Etsy!

Thanks for reading...see you in the next blog :)

Much Love,

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  1. There it is again, the curved in right foot.