Monday, February 25, 2013

How to: Get rid of blemishes naturally using tea tree oil

I HAVE to share this beauty secret with you guys because I absolutely swear by it and I don't think there are many out there who really know about it. Best of all, its natural

I have very oily skin that's very prone to break outs so I have frequently have to deal with big painful blemishes on my chin mostly, and other parts of my face! Just 2 days before wedding day I had a huge bump on my chin that was extremely red. My aunt Charmaine suggested I try tea tree oil on it and gave me a bottle to try out. I've never heard of it but was willing to try anything to bring it down a little. On Thursday night I applied the product, and when I got up the next morning the bump had gone down half in size and the redness was dramatically reduced. I repeated the process on Friday night (before my wedding) and the blemish was almost completely gone on for my big day - what was left was easily covered with some concealer and foundation!

Here's a few FAQ's on Tea Tree Oil.

Commonly used as treatment for:
  • Acne
  • Athlete's Foot
  • Colds & flus
  • Dandruff
  • Burns & cuts
  • Lice
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
According to Wikipedia, Tea tree oil is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia which is native to New South Wales, Australia (my favorite place in the world)! Please check out the link to read more :)

Why go natural? Why not! Tea tree oil may take a little longer to work but its side effects are much less than using benzoyl peroxide that can cause itching, stinging, burning and dryness to the area. Besides, who wants to be putting chemically processed gels and creams on your face when you can do it with a natural product? Personally, I would much prefer the natural way! 

Now for the disclaimer: I'm no doctor or dermatologist, and I'm sure some people who have severe acne would not find this method effective (although as far as I can read online, there is success!!) but for me this works! Tea tree oil is a great acne spot treatment and I continue to have positive results from it for almost 3 years. I am not sure how there could possibly be an issue with using a natural product to treat a medical condition but please use this method at your own discretion. Also, I don't use tea tree oil every single time I get a pimple - often I will just let them run their course. But if I'm going to a makeup gig, getting my picture taken, or going to a function, I'll start the process a few days before and I'm guaranteed clear pimple free skin for that day.

I am not sure where my aunt got this bottle, or how much it costs but I am still using the bottle of Thursday Plantation she gave me in 2010. So the small bottle goes a long way. I know The Body Shop also sells it and I'm sure you can find it in stores that sell natural products as well. This is what my bottle looks like:

To apply, I wash my face with my regular cleanser, and douse a clean q-tip with with the product. Then I gently roll it on my problem area(s), put a clean towel down on my pillow and go to sleep. This product does have a very strong odor and you don't want the oil to get on your pillow case so I recommend using the towel. The next morning I just splash my face with cold water to rinse it off, pat dry, moisturize, and continue with my makeup routine.

If you're interested in spot treating blemishes naturally, I highly recommend this method. It may not work for you but there's a chance it will!! Please make sure to let me know if this was a success or a fail for you. Remember to be patient - some people find it does take a little longer to work (although I see results over night) but your skin will be thankful!


Much Love and cheers to a blemish free face!

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  1. Just started reading your blog :) I've been seeing all of your beauty and fashion related posts on facebook and just had to reach out to you and let you know... you are inspiring me and making me a tad bit jealous of your amazing blog!

    with that said, tea tree oil became an obsession of mine a few years ago. I can think of dozens of things I use it for. I use a drop of it daily mixed with an acne serum and its one of the only things that has ever helped me. other uses i've found: add to freshen up laundry/get it extra clean, helps with razor burn, mix in with carpet steaming solution to prevent mildew and kill bacteria, mix with any home made cleaner with natural ingredients to enhance, rashes.... its THE BEST.

    --Stacey Rosenthal