Sunday, January 20, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion - Slim Leopard Print Dress (We can wear leopard print too!!)

I didn't get a chance to photograph my Friday outfit last week so I am going to save it for a future blog post. Since my busy and exciting weekend didn't allow me to do anything fashion for a blog, I decided to use a photo from an outfit I wore in December for this week's Curvy Girl Fashion post! Its a slim leopard dress from Forever 21+. I've been looking for a leopard dress for a while (I am OBSESSED with leopard print! Who isn't?) and was nervous about ordering this online (we don't have a Forever 21 here). I wasn't sure how it would look or if I would even order the correct size. I went by their sizing chart and was my usual 1X so I gave it a shot. 

When it arrived I immediately tried it on and it fit like a glove! Now, lets be real - there was some lumps and bumps but I knew just the solution to that. I went over to my drawer and dug out my Spanx, put them on, and the problem was solved. If you are a curvy girl and don't own Spanx I demand you run out and get a pair NOW! The most important part is knowing what size to get...if you get them too small or too big they will not work for you so look at their sizing chart to help you figure it out! I have the high waisted ones that go right to the bust like this:

Photo from The Shopping Channel

So let's get to the dress! At first I just took mirror pic for instagram but decided to get my husband to take one of the whole outfit. For this night out, I just paired it with a pair of high black wedge booties (you will see in the next pic), and a bunch bracelets. I decided to keep accessories simple since the dress is so loud on its own. Not only is this slimming but I love how age appropriate it is. It has sleeves, it has a scoop neck but its high in the front and back, and its long. Its a very classy way of wearing leopard print without it being absolutely gaudy or inappropriate. Its a great piece for a girl in her 30's and its so comfortable. I am so glad I bought this dress!

And here's the outfit! I may actually get it taken up an inch or two so its just at the knee because I don't love where it hits on my legs. But that's not a huge deal!

See? Curvy girls can wear leopard print don't be afraid to rock it!

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