Friday, January 4, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion - Cozy Winter Casual

Ok here goes my first shot at a curvy girl fashion blog post! I will start with saying I am not a "fashionista", nor a model. I am just starting out here - my husband and I are still working on picture locations, lighting, photography, poses etc. so be nice! I'm just an average every day curvy girl who struggled with dressing my body for years. I was uncomfortable and shy with what my clothes said about me. I have been this size for a few years now and finally look forward to putting daily outfits together. I spent the better part of fall 2012 throwing away old plain clothes and replacing them with new and timeless items - prints and colours I'd never dream of wearing. I've discovered Forever 21 Plus website (which is amazing and cheap!), the art of shopping for pieces instead of outfits, and Pinterest for inspiration. Unfortunately, I couldn't find many blogs/sites for curvy girl outfits, so I decided to add a new segment to my beauty blog in hopes that maybe I will inspire curvy girls who also struggle with the same things I did, to break out of their shell and strut their curves. Being comfortable in your own skin can bring so much happiness into your life - trust me! Women spend way too much time stressing over what they don't like about themselves and not enough time on their assets. Its also a huge struggle to dress your age. Since I turned 30 (April of 2012) I am very cautious about making sure I dress mature, covered but still fun and trendy.

I am a short (all of 5'4) curvy girl who's style is very laid back and relaxed. I will throw a few work outfits here and there as I wear business casual from Monday - Thursday but my favourite outfits and the ones you will see the most are the things I put together for the weekends. 

Anyway, onto my first outfit..."Cozy Winter Casual". I would wear this on the weekend going to a show, a friends house, or just sitting around home watching TV with my husband. I also wore it today at work for casual Friday! 

I took a big chunky grey cable knit sweater from Old Navy (got it in a size up from what I normally wear), Pink Bandage Skirt from Forever 21 + (only $11.80!!!), leggings from Eclipse (they are 29" inseam - made for short people!!), boots by Steve Madden (they fit wide calves), and key necklace from Old Navy.

I hope you enjoyed my first fashion blog post. I'll still be doing reviews, nails, and makeup stuff here too. Thanks for reading, I hope I inspired you :)

Coming up on my eShakti owl dress. Stay tuned!

Much Love,


  1. Love it, my dear! Fantastic outfit. You look gorgeous! :) xo

  2. This is super cute, you should add a cute print scarf to pull the pink from the skirt to around your face and break up the grey a little!

  3. whats the name of the boots!?!?!?!?!?