Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beauty/Fashion Bloggers Thoughts...

Well I am a few curvy girl fashion blog posts in and I just want to get this off my chest. Words cannot express how hard it has been for me to put myself out there on this blog. I can't count how many times I thought twice about hitting "Publish" because I don't want to come off as a conceited girl who loves getting her picture taken and posting it on the internet for everyone to see. I am not, and never was a person who wanted attention. I am not, and never was a girl with much confidence. I am very judgemental of myself and not doing this for attention or compliments, which is really what it may seem like to many people. The reality of the beauty & fashion blogging world is you are nothing without a camera. You put a great outfit together and tweet about it - people will want to see a picture. You tweet about some amazing eye makeup you just created - people will want to see a picture. I am not posting the picture to post a picture of myself, I am posting the picture of something I created because I want to share it with you - it just so happens that I am in the picture. I know I don't look like a model and I am not trying to be. I said this in my first blog - I am doing this to inspire people. Reading other people's beauty and fashion blogs have inspired me to be who I am today - its a very beautiful and positive world but haters will always find a way to burst your bubble. Don't be an internet troll - please. For some people putting themselves out there is hard enough and dealing with negativity makes it that much harder. When I first started doing makeup, I deleted my Facebook page twice before I stuck with the one I have now. I wasn't ready to put myself out there and I had a lot of work to do.

I mainly continue to do this because of the response I have gotten. Right from my first blog post, the feedback I have gotten has been tremendous. People I don't know, close friends, and Facebook/Twitter friends - you have been so wonderful and supportive. Thank you!! While I appreciate every single nice comment and compliment they are still hard for me to accept. But it makes me happy knowing I have introduced friends/readers to stores that make great clothes for bigger girls. And certain styles of clothes that are "big girl friendly". I feel great giving them confidence to dress better regardless of their size - that is reason enough to continue my blog. We live in a world where being small is suppose to be "the normal". But the reality is some people aren't meant to be stick skinny. I lost a lot of weight in 2003-2004 and I looked sick - I look at pictures from back then and I don't even recognize myself. Today, I am running with my co workers, being active, and eating healthy - I may tone up a bit but this is who I am. I have spent almost 10 years always wanting and trying to lose weight and I feel like a lot of people out there are trying to do the same. Life is short - be healthy but be happy with who you are too. I have never been so happy and positive and I highly recommend you start doing things in your life to feel this way too!

So this has gotten longer than I wanted it to be. I will end with saying if you are annoyed by my Facebook and twitter posts, just unfollow me. If you aren't interested in reading please don't waste your time clicking every blog post just to mock or make fun of me. It took a lot of work to get here and I want my readers/followers to enjoy coming here. I want it to be happy, positive, inspiring, and informative. If for one minute you think I am conceited - you don't know me at all. I have gained a lot of confidence in the last couple of years and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that - its actually a beautiful thing. There's a big difference between being confident and being egotistical.

Thanks for always. I am going to gladly hit publish on this post now :)

Much Love,


  1. Haters gonna hate ;)

    Do what makes you happy. I know squat nor care squat about fashion but passion had for most anything will generally shine through.( point being looking at a few of your posts you seem to posses that fire) I'm also not your target demo, obviously, but you seem to have a way with words.

    Kudos to you for doing what you do :)

  2. If there was a like button here I would click it. You rock and your outfits, style, skills, personality, everything are beautiful!!! I know this is my first comment but I love your blog and love reading it with my coffee. Keep doing what you do, doll! You are an inspiration!!!

    1. I love you Dwan! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy reading these! Thank you for being such an amazing and tremendously supportive friend <3