Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lady Bug Nails, Canada Day Nails & Summer Project

Its been a while since my last post but June was a busy month finishing up work for the summer, parties, weddings (yes, I've had two already!), etc. Even with a busy schedule I still squeezed in some time for nail art so I'm just going to pile them all into one blog post for you to see!

Lady Bug Nails

Canada Day Nails

I did some tropical nails in between but I wasn't overly pleased with my first try at nail stamping so I didn't take a picture. I'm going to retry them over the summer and hopefully they will turn out better :).

I will be doing plenty of nail art over the summer but my big summer project is more in the makeup category - I've purchased a lot of eyeshadows over the last couple of years and some have barely been touched. My collection just grew so fast I couldn't keep up! So I bought myself a composition book where I will write down various eyeshadow combinations (mostly MAC because that's my biggest collection) to try out. My project is every day this summer I will try a new combination from my list - its like rediscovering my makeup collection! I already have 2 pages complied so far and I am not finished yet! I am really excited about this and will be sharing my favorite combinations with you guys. I also have plans to sit out on my back deck and read all my makeup books cover to cover! 

Just a sneak peek at my first combination. I LOVE MAC "Aquadisiac" but I think I only actually wore it once with some other bright colour and immediately wiped it off. I wanted to make it every day wearable so I paired it with MAC "Satin Taupe" in the crease, some liner and mascara and I love how it turned out. Stay tuned for more eyeshadow combinations!
So my summer plans include my makeup project, reading, 5 full wedding parties, socializing, my friends wedding, my 2 year wedding anniversary (which is in two days!), and much more - its going to be a busy but fun summer. Stay safe everyone!

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Much Love,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Converse All Star Nails & Photoshoot With Courtney Jones

Converse All Star nails have been on my list to try for months (since I own 5 pairs myself)! I had 2 days off from work with a broken 5th Metatarsal bone in my foot (Jones fracture) so what a great time to try it out! I am wearing a walking boot for a few weeks but otherwise doing fine :).

I wanted to do different colours on each nail since they come in so many colours. I went with red, blue, pink, purple and black (flat nail polishes - no shimmer). I used  OPI "Alpine Snow" for the toe of the shoes, silver nail polish for the lace holes, a white nail art polish for the laces & a black nail art polish for the detail on the toe.
These are definitely one of my favorite nail art designs I've made so far! I hope you like them!

One more quick thing before I go - I recently worked with one of my past makeup clients, Courtney Jones, in a photoshoot. When I met her she was the model in the photos by Mike Mahoney (Mike Mahoney Photography) but this time she was behind the camera taking pictures of Kaitlind. I had a lot of fun working with Courtney & Kaitlind and I wanted to show you some of the beautiful photos from that shoot.

All photos below are taken by Courtney Jones. Makeup & hair by April Pink Beauty.

Much Love,

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Yes, the caps are necessary in the title to get my excitement across because...

I am going to see Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tonight AND tomorrow night! I am so excited to mark this off my bucket list!!

Ever since we purchased our tickets I immediately wanted to do some nail art that was inspired by Tom Petty to wear to the show. The broken hearts were an obvious must but my friend Kerri suggested I do an accent nail inspired by Tom Petty's album "Full Moon Fever". The album cover is gradient colours of pink, orange, yellow, lime and teal and I just happened to have all the colours to pull this off (because my nail polish collection is a bit ridiculous lol). Here is the album cover: 

And here's what I created:

I put a matte top coat on so it would photograph better and I think I like it way more this way! I'll be proudly sporting these at both Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers shows here in St. John's this weekend. I CANNOT WAIT :)! I'm off to get ready for the show of a lifetime!

Much Love,