Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

As the last post of 2012, I wanted to share my review on a new product I recently discovered that has instantly became one of my holy grail items! I got the LORAC Pro Palette for Christmas and a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer came with it. I've been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance faithfully since I started doing makeup. I've tried different products but always went back to my TFSI. Until now...I am in love with the LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. Here's the review I just wrote for Makeup Alley:

I got this with my PRO Palette and at first was sceptical because I SWEAR by Too Faced Shadow Insurance (and keep at least 1 backup at all times). First impressions were great - the formula seemed very similar to TFSI - its kind of wet but goes on smooth and dries into a nice finish. A little goes a long way, and you can control how much you squeeze out fairly easily.

Blending of eyeshadows is an absolute dream with the LORAC Eye Primer. I tried it with MAC, Urban Decay and LORAC eyeshadows and got the same effect for every brand. The fade into each eyeshadow I apply is absolutely seamless. As much as TFSI does the same thing for me, I liked the way it blended with LORAC Eye Primer more, and blending took half the time!

Now here's the kicker and what will make me buy full sizes of this from now on (sorry TFSI) - its staying power! I wore my eyeshadows for 16+ hours with this product and there was not even the slightest creasing. TFSI slows down the process for me but by 12 hours you can notice creasing and fading. LORAC made it look like I just applied my eyeshadow after all day, taking a nap and going out that evening. 

I am completely floored by this product and not sure why it isn't more popular. I can't comment on the price right now but the website is saying $27 and TFSI is $24. I'll pay the extra $3 for this product because its SO amazing. I can't wait to try this on my bride clients too. I will definitely repurchase and have back ups of this product at all times new holy grail product!

Happy New Year guys! More reviews, nails, makeup, and curvy girl outfits are coming your way in 2013. Stay tuned!!

Much Love,

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