Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Nail Art + Makeup for Kinley of Hey Rosetta!


I hope Santa was good to everyone! He certainly spoiled me this year - I must have been a very good girl :). I got a lot of makeup/nail polishes, new running shoes & gear, Led Zeppelin Reunion Show on Blueray, Jersey Shore seasons, clothes (mostly all from Forever 21 + so you will see those in my upcoming blogs!), and a new Tassimo coffee machine - just to name a few!

I want to quickly share my Christmas Nail Art for 2012. I did a lot of cool nail art last year and left myself short for ideas this year. But I managed to get a few cool ones...and here they are!

Christmas Leopard Print

Jelly Glitter 
I saw this cool effect on Pinterest. A layer of jelly polish, a glitter polish then another layer of the jelly polish. I did it in red and gold for Christmas and love how it turned out!

Candy Cane Nails

Christmas Tree Nails

Red & Gold Gradient

And before I go, just before Christmas I was very lucky to do makeup for Kinley for the Hey Rosetta Christmas Shows here in St. John's. Her outfit had a lot of amazing things on the go so I left her makeup simple with a festive red lip! I could seriously smear blue eyeshadow all over her face and she would still look amazing :)

Thanks for everything in 2012...its been an amazing year. See you soon!

Much Love,

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