Sunday, June 10, 2012

Converse All Star Nails & Photoshoot With Courtney Jones

Converse All Star nails have been on my list to try for months (since I own 5 pairs myself)! I had 2 days off from work with a broken 5th Metatarsal bone in my foot (Jones fracture) so what a great time to try it out! I am wearing a walking boot for a few weeks but otherwise doing fine :).

I wanted to do different colours on each nail since they come in so many colours. I went with red, blue, pink, purple and black (flat nail polishes - no shimmer). I used  OPI "Alpine Snow" for the toe of the shoes, silver nail polish for the lace holes, a white nail art polish for the laces & a black nail art polish for the detail on the toe.
These are definitely one of my favorite nail art designs I've made so far! I hope you like them!

One more quick thing before I go - I recently worked with one of my past makeup clients, Courtney Jones, in a photoshoot. When I met her she was the model in the photos by Mike Mahoney (Mike Mahoney Photography) but this time she was behind the camera taking pictures of Kaitlind. I had a lot of fun working with Courtney & Kaitlind and I wanted to show you some of the beautiful photos from that shoot.

All photos below are taken by Courtney Jones. Makeup & hair by April Pink Beauty.

Much Love,

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