Friday, April 6, 2012

Cow Nails

I was going to do another Easter design but didn't get time before I finished for Easter Break because I was busy celebrating my husband's birthday (which was on Wednesday). We had supper, cake and went to an Ice Caps (AHL Hockey) game - it was a lot of fun! I'll save what I had in mind for next Easter!

This next nail art has been on my list since I started doing nails. Ever since I was a little girl cows were ALWAYS my favorite animal. I had stuffed cows and memorabilia all over the place growing up. And to this day if I'm driving somewhere and see them I still get really excited. So here it is - Cow nails!
These were SO easy to make. I painted my nails white with OPI "Alpine Snow" then used a dotting tool and OPI "Black Onyx" for the spots, nostrils & eyes. And for the pink I used OPI "My Address Is Hollywood". Try it out!

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  1. very cute !


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