Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Matte Pink & Shiny Pink Leopard Print

I am a huge fan of the shiny & matte combination nail art. Its so sleek and wearable but still kind of funky! Last week I did matte pink nails and the closest shade of shiny pink I could find in my collection for leopard print on top. If I had my time back, I would have used the same nail polish on bottom and top but matte the base with a top coat (instead of using a matte nail polish) and used the nail polish normally for the print so it matches a little better. The pink I used for the leopard is a different shade under the light but I think it still looks cool. I got a lot of compliments on these nails and wore them today (along with my pink shirt) for Awareness Against Bullying day.
For the base I used LA Girl Matte Nail Polish in Pink and free handed the print with a dotting tool and OPI's "Pink Flaminco". The base is a little too neon for my liking but for $2 a bottle you can't really go wrong. Best of all, this manicure lasted me a week with zero chipping and only started to wear on the tips over the last couple of days so its really excellent quality (and that's without a top coat)! 

Stay tuned for more matte & shiny combinations coming up very soon! This may be my 2012 nail trend - finally retiring the old crackle/shatter nail polishes.

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