Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

As the last post of 2012, I wanted to share my review on a new product I recently discovered that has instantly became one of my holy grail items! I got the LORAC Pro Palette for Christmas and a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer came with it. I've been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance faithfully since I started doing makeup. I've tried different products but always went back to my TFSI. Until now...I am in love with the LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. Here's the review I just wrote for Makeup Alley:

I got this with my PRO Palette and at first was sceptical because I SWEAR by Too Faced Shadow Insurance (and keep at least 1 backup at all times). First impressions were great - the formula seemed very similar to TFSI - its kind of wet but goes on smooth and dries into a nice finish. A little goes a long way, and you can control how much you squeeze out fairly easily.

Blending of eyeshadows is an absolute dream with the LORAC Eye Primer. I tried it with MAC, Urban Decay and LORAC eyeshadows and got the same effect for every brand. The fade into each eyeshadow I apply is absolutely seamless. As much as TFSI does the same thing for me, I liked the way it blended with LORAC Eye Primer more, and blending took half the time!

Now here's the kicker and what will make me buy full sizes of this from now on (sorry TFSI) - its staying power! I wore my eyeshadows for 16+ hours with this product and there was not even the slightest creasing. TFSI slows down the process for me but by 12 hours you can notice creasing and fading. LORAC made it look like I just applied my eyeshadow after all day, taking a nap and going out that evening. 

I am completely floored by this product and not sure why it isn't more popular. I can't comment on the price right now but the website is saying $27 and TFSI is $24. I'll pay the extra $3 for this product because its SO amazing. I can't wait to try this on my bride clients too. I will definitely repurchase and have back ups of this product at all times new holy grail product!

Happy New Year guys! More reviews, nails, makeup, and curvy girl outfits are coming your way in 2013. Stay tuned!!

Much Love,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Nail Art + Makeup for Kinley of Hey Rosetta!


I hope Santa was good to everyone! He certainly spoiled me this year - I must have been a very good girl :). I got a lot of makeup/nail polishes, new running shoes & gear, Led Zeppelin Reunion Show on Blueray, Jersey Shore seasons, clothes (mostly all from Forever 21 + so you will see those in my upcoming blogs!), and a new Tassimo coffee machine - just to name a few!

I want to quickly share my Christmas Nail Art for 2012. I did a lot of cool nail art last year and left myself short for ideas this year. But I managed to get a few cool ones...and here they are!

Christmas Leopard Print

Jelly Glitter 
I saw this cool effect on Pinterest. A layer of jelly polish, a glitter polish then another layer of the jelly polish. I did it in red and gold for Christmas and love how it turned out!

Candy Cane Nails

Christmas Tree Nails

Red & Gold Gradient

And before I go, just before Christmas I was very lucky to do makeup for Kinley for the Hey Rosetta Christmas Shows here in St. John's. Her outfit had a lot of amazing things on the go so I left her makeup simple with a festive red lip! I could seriously smear blue eyeshadow all over her face and she would still look amazing :)

Thanks for everything in 2012...its been an amazing year. See you soon!

Much Love,

Monday, December 17, 2012

eShakti & Curvy Girl Fashion Coming in 2013!

Hi Everyone! 

Wow, its been a while since I made a blog post! I've been a little slack on the nail art because my day job has been so busy since going back in September and I use whatever spare time I have to relax. Plus, I have been head/chest cold sick since October so that's been really sucking the energy out of me. If you want to see what I have been up to nail wise you can check out my Facebook page at:

Anyway, I have something very exciting to share with you guys today. I was contacted by a company to receive a product to review on my blog. The website is and they are "a fresh concept in custom clothing." They offer both design and fit customization for women size 0 - 36 for very affordable prices! I honestly haven't heard about the website until they contacted me and they were VERY generous to let me choose whatever item I wanted from the website to review. It took me a good day or so to pick my item because I loved all the pieces on the website! I finally decided on the Navy Love Owl Dress and I am SO excited to receive it and blog about it. Here is a pic of the dress I chose:

 And here's a close up of the print:

I received an email today about the status of the shipping on my dress and its already in Canada and it is scheduled to arrive at my door tomorrow! It started in India on December 13th so that shipping is lightening speed!! Even though its sleeveless I plan to make this dress something I can wear all year around with the right accessories so when I review this item I will show you how to wear it for each season, starting with Winter.

I already know that after Christmas I will be purchasing a few more items from this website, especially their dresses. So far I have shared the clothing site with my close friends and they are already planning to purchase some items as well! I will post my review blog post as soon as I receive my dress and ways on how to wear it!

So that brings me to some new blog content for 2013. You guessed it - Fashion! I have always been interested in fashion but never really acted on it because I had packed on a few pounds and was not comfortable in my body. I've recently been putting a lot of time and money into revamping my closet by throwing out old things and replacing them with fashionable, body and age appropriate items and I am really pleased with the result so far. I was thinking about doing a fashion post maybe once a week to give curvy girls some fashion inspiration because trust me - I struggled with dressing my body and there isn't many fashion blogs out there to help us. I was thinking about fashion blog posts early in the fall and being contacted by eShakti gave me to push to start it fresh in 2013. Every girl, no matter what shape or size, should be proud of their body - especially curvy girls!

Stay tuned for my review and Curvy Girl Fashion blog posts coming up in 2013! I am excited :)

Much Love,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Neon Love & Neon Leopard Print

Phew...what a busy summer this has been! Summer 2012 has been amazing - thank you to all my brides for being so awesome and fun! Tonight, I get to do my friend Kinley's makeup (violin player of Hey Rosetta!) and then in the next few weeks I have a photo shoot and a wedding left and then I'm back to work at my other job until next summer.

I've been taking a little break from the nail art and fell in love with neon nail polish for summer! I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of what I've been wearing as a mani and pedi over the last little while. Please excuse the quality and know that this is not their true colour. I haven't mastered photographing neon colours yet!

China Glaze "Pool Party" ...gorgeous true neon pink but I found this chipped after 2 days.

China Glaze "Orange Knockout" ...wearing this as a pedicure right now and I am in LOVE! 

After wearing it as a manicure for a few days I decided to add neon green leopard print and it looks awesome!!

Before I go, I just wanted to send out a HUGE congratulations to two of my bestest friends, Krista & Ray, who got married last weekend and I was lucky enough to do all the girls' makeup for the big day. Here's a sneak peek at the beautiful bride:

Her wedding colours were charcoal and pale pink so I rocked ORLY "Lift The Veil" on my nails for her big day!

That's all for now. I have to get ready for tonight!!! Thanks for reading :)

Much Love,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" - Review & Swatch

I finally gave in and purchased Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue" polish after all the hype over the last couple of months from Youtube beauty gurus. I am in love with this! Right now I'm wearing it as both a pedicure and manicure. I rated it 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley and here's my written review:

The colour is like no other nail polish I've seen before...very unique, electric blue. You really only need 1 coat of this because it is very pigmented but I usually go with two to make sure its even. The formula dried a little fast and didn't go on as smoothly as other nail polishes I own but that's my only complaint! I tried this as a manicure first but I actually love this for a pedicure too. I'm wearing it on both right now (its July) and its so fun & summery!!! I use an OPI Base Coat and Seche Vite top coat and this polish did not move for an entire week. It didn't chip or even wear at the tips - very impressive! If you are thinking about buying this - I highly recommend you do so. Its gorgeous and definitely one of my favourite Sally Hansen polishes!

Much Love,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sailor Nautical Nails

These have been on my list to try for quite some time and I'm really happy with how they turned out. It took a few tries to perfect them but I had some time to waste one evening so I could play around and get the exact look I had in mind.
I did some sailor stripes on my pointer, middle and pinkie fingers, an anchor on my ring finger and a ship wheel on my thumb. The blue is OPI "Dating a Royal", the red is from ORLY "Ma Cherie", the white is OPI "Alpine Snow" and the brown is OPI "Suzy Loves Cowboys".

 I couldn't think of a better occasion to break out the "Hey Sailor" collection temporary tattoos that MAC sent in my last online order.

And some awesome news to conclude this blog post - when I logged into Blogger to write this I realized that my blog has reached over 7000 views! Thank you everyone!!! :-D

Much Love,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to: Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish is so in the past couple of years! But I'll admit - I used think twice about buying it because it was so hard to remove from my nails and to me it just wasn't worth the time. I knew there had to be an easier way so I googled it and sure enough I found the perfect method. This is a very well-known method and is all over the internet but I wanted to share it a picture by picture instruction for my blog, twitter and Facebook followers.

What you'll need:
  • Cotton Rounds
  • 100% Acetone
  • Tin Foil
  • Hand Moisturizer and/or Cuticle Oil
Tip: Cut tin foil into squares (large enough to wrap around the tip of your finger) before you start so you'll have everything ready.

Here we have a nice festive red glitter nail look I wore around Christmas

Take a cotton round and drench it in 100% Acetone.

Tip: You can cut the cotton round into quarters to use less. Just make sure the piece you cut covers your entire nail.

Place the cotton round on your finger nail as shown.

Next, take the tin foil and wrap it around your finger on top of the cotton around. Squeeze it together so it stays.

After you're done, you're hand should look like this. Scary, hey? :)

Leave on your fingers for 5 minutes! No more, no less!

Tip: I usually do one hand at a time and reuse the tin foil squares on my other hand.

Press gently press on your nail and slowly remove the cotton & tin foil from your finger in a swiping motion (as if you were removing regular nail polish) and it should come off like this.

Tip: Still nail polish around the corners? Don't fret! Just take the same cotton round you used on your finger and swipe it around your nail to remove any access nail polish. The cotton round should still be damp from before but if not just use a little more acetone.

You should have a clean nail as shown here

Repeat steps for each nail and complete the same steps on your other hand. You should have clean nail polish free fingernails like these...

100% Acetone is VERY drying to your cuticles and fingertips so make sure you moisturize and let your hands dry before reapplying a new nail polish. I also use a cuticle oil to give my cuticles a little extra moisture.

I hope this is useful for you guys. If you have any questions, please let me know :)

Much Love,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anniversary Nails & Wedding Makeup Pictures

On July 3rd my husband and I celebrated 2 wonderful years of marriage! I wanted to do some nail art based on our wedding colours - hot pink and lime green with small accents of black and silver. I didn't have much time so I did a simple polka dot design. I used a matte black base with different sized polka dots in hot pink, lime green and silver. I love how they turned out - so many people have asked me if they were the Sally Hansen nail polish stickers!

Before I go, I wanted to link you to the blog of Jennifer Dawe. She's a photographer here in St. John's whom I had the pleasure of working with in June. She took some pretty amazing pictures of me in action:
Jennifer Dawe Photography - Royal Wedding (Niki & Rob)

She's an awesome photographer and SUPER sweet - you should go like her Facebook page: Jennifer Dawe Photography - Facebook

Thanks for reading! I know I only have 23 "followers" but my blog view count is almost at 7000! Do the math - a lot more than my followers are visiting and reading :)

Much love to you all (even the haters),

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lady Bug Nails, Canada Day Nails & Summer Project

Its been a while since my last post but June was a busy month finishing up work for the summer, parties, weddings (yes, I've had two already!), etc. Even with a busy schedule I still squeezed in some time for nail art so I'm just going to pile them all into one blog post for you to see!

Lady Bug Nails

Canada Day Nails

I did some tropical nails in between but I wasn't overly pleased with my first try at nail stamping so I didn't take a picture. I'm going to retry them over the summer and hopefully they will turn out better :).

I will be doing plenty of nail art over the summer but my big summer project is more in the makeup category - I've purchased a lot of eyeshadows over the last couple of years and some have barely been touched. My collection just grew so fast I couldn't keep up! So I bought myself a composition book where I will write down various eyeshadow combinations (mostly MAC because that's my biggest collection) to try out. My project is every day this summer I will try a new combination from my list - its like rediscovering my makeup collection! I already have 2 pages complied so far and I am not finished yet! I am really excited about this and will be sharing my favorite combinations with you guys. I also have plans to sit out on my back deck and read all my makeup books cover to cover! 

Just a sneak peek at my first combination. I LOVE MAC "Aquadisiac" but I think I only actually wore it once with some other bright colour and immediately wiped it off. I wanted to make it every day wearable so I paired it with MAC "Satin Taupe" in the crease, some liner and mascara and I love how it turned out. Stay tuned for more eyeshadow combinations!
So my summer plans include my makeup project, reading, 5 full wedding parties, socializing, my friends wedding, my 2 year wedding anniversary (which is in two days!), and much more - its going to be a busy but fun summer. Stay safe everyone!

Please like/follow my Facebook page: April Pink Beauty on Facebook

Much Love,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Converse All Star Nails & Photoshoot With Courtney Jones

Converse All Star nails have been on my list to try for months (since I own 5 pairs myself)! I had 2 days off from work with a broken 5th Metatarsal bone in my foot (Jones fracture) so what a great time to try it out! I am wearing a walking boot for a few weeks but otherwise doing fine :).

I wanted to do different colours on each nail since they come in so many colours. I went with red, blue, pink, purple and black (flat nail polishes - no shimmer). I used  OPI "Alpine Snow" for the toe of the shoes, silver nail polish for the lace holes, a white nail art polish for the laces & a black nail art polish for the detail on the toe.
These are definitely one of my favorite nail art designs I've made so far! I hope you like them!

One more quick thing before I go - I recently worked with one of my past makeup clients, Courtney Jones, in a photoshoot. When I met her she was the model in the photos by Mike Mahoney (Mike Mahoney Photography) but this time she was behind the camera taking pictures of Kaitlind. I had a lot of fun working with Courtney & Kaitlind and I wanted to show you some of the beautiful photos from that shoot.

All photos below are taken by Courtney Jones. Makeup & hair by April Pink Beauty.

Much Love,

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Yes, the caps are necessary in the title to get my excitement across because...

I am going to see Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tonight AND tomorrow night! I am so excited to mark this off my bucket list!!

Ever since we purchased our tickets I immediately wanted to do some nail art that was inspired by Tom Petty to wear to the show. The broken hearts were an obvious must but my friend Kerri suggested I do an accent nail inspired by Tom Petty's album "Full Moon Fever". The album cover is gradient colours of pink, orange, yellow, lime and teal and I just happened to have all the colours to pull this off (because my nail polish collection is a bit ridiculous lol). Here is the album cover: 

And here's what I created:

I put a matte top coat on so it would photograph better and I think I like it way more this way! I'll be proudly sporting these at both Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers shows here in St. John's this weekend. I CANNOT WAIT :)! I'm off to get ready for the show of a lifetime!

Much Love,

Monday, May 28, 2012

Watermelon Nails

Wow...its almost been a month! Sorry for the break in blog posts/nail art. I've been really busy with bridal, proms/grads, photoshoots, my day job, running and socializing! Plus we've been having gorgeous weather here so I am trying to enjoy that as much as I can. The main reason for my nail art break was I broke off not 1 but both of my thumb nails right down to the nub! But they grew out fast so I'm back and ready to paint again!

My first nail design is inspired by the delicious summer fruits that show up in the produce section of the grocery store this time of year and one of my favorite fruits - watermelon!

I just painted all my fingers with a pink by GOSH, my thumb with a green from Sinful Colours, the light green stripes with OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape" and some seeds using OPI "Black Onyx". I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more summer inspired nails :)

Much Love,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cupcake Nails

Just a quick post to show you the nails I am sporting for my 30th birthday (which is on Monday, April 30th). I did these nails early because tomorrow I am having my birthday celebrations with my husband and friends. 

I just used a light pink and hot pink for the cupcake liner, white for the icing, red for the cherry on top and a chunky glitter polish from China Glaze (I forget the name of it) for the sprinkles - so easy!!
Stay tuned for a blog post on my birthday makeup. My friend Mel gave me MAC Red for my birthday so I'm going to find an outfit, eyeshadow and hairstyle to go with my red lipstick for my night out :).

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cookie Monster Nails

1 more blog post and then I'll go to bed. This one will be short - I promise! These are my most recent nails: Cookie Monster! As I've said before, I work in an elementary school for 10 months of the year (I do wedding makeup and relax in the summer time). The excitement on the children's faces when they see my nails inspires me to do more children friendly nails. They love coming to my office to see what nail design I am wearing - its so cute! I love them :)

My First Tattoo

I've always wanted a tattoo but could never decide on what exactly I wanted. I thought of silverchair (my all time favourite band since I was 14) related tattoos but couldn't find lyrics I loved/meant something/would love to have on me for the rest of my life. It was also hard to find ones that weren't already done 100000 times. Back in February I saw a tattoo online that I instantly fell in love with. I'm not a die hard Tom Petty fan but I am definitely a really big fan of him! 

Reasoning for my ink
To make a long story short, I was a very passive quiet person. Throughout my life people would take advantage of that and walk all over me. I wouldn't stand up for myself because I was too scared so I'd just let it go. As I got older, it got worse. I even began struggling to cope with professional situations. I knew it had to stop because it was making me extremely unhappy. It took me a few years and Tom Petty's song "I won't back down" on repeat to get me through some hard times but I am finally in a comfortable place and I feel much better. And you know what? People stopped walking all over me! To honour my life change, an "I Won't Back Down" tattoo couldn't be more perfect. 2012 is also my "golden year"...I turn 30 on the 30th of April so its also kind of a 30th birthday gift to myself. Finally, 2012 is the year I will see Tom Petty live! If you're not familiar with the song here it is:

And here is my tattoo:

Alicia at Trouble Bound Studio did the ink for me - she's amazing!! You can see some of her artwork here: Alicia E Tattoo. My husband and I went through a font package he has and narrowed down to this font. I didn't want script or something that people couldn't read easily. I got it done on my left foot and I absolutely love the placement - you can easily see it in all my flats and heels. If you're thinking about getting a foot tattoo - it hurts! Mine only took about 15 minutes and it was very uncomfortable on such a bony soft skinned part of the body but it was well worth it. A lifetime reminder to never back down and be that passive person I used to be.

"And I'll keep this world from dragging me down; gonna stand my ground; and I won't back down" - Tom Petty

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Owl Nails

Here's another animal nail design for you guys! Its another one of my favorite animals - owls. They are so mysterious, silly, and beautiful all at the same time. I saw an owl nail design on Pinterest but they were all different colours - pink, green, blue, and purple. I wanted to do something a little more realistic so I used some brown and beige (OPI "Suzy Loves Cowboys" & OPI "Samoan Sand") for the body, OPI "Need Sunglasses" & OPI "Black Onyx" for the eyes and OPI "In My Back Pocket" for the beak. This is definitely one of my favorite designs so far. 
An owl will soon be a permanent part of me soon as it is my next tattoo  - I'll post a picture when I get it done :). Speaking of tattoos, I'm getting my first one this coming Monday. Its a surprise - I will post a pic of it as soon as I can (when its freshly done or when its healed). Thanks for reading :)

Much Love,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cow Nails

I was going to do another Easter design but didn't get time before I finished for Easter Break because I was busy celebrating my husband's birthday (which was on Wednesday). We had supper, cake and went to an Ice Caps (AHL Hockey) game - it was a lot of fun! I'll save what I had in mind for next Easter!

This next nail art has been on my list since I started doing nails. Ever since I was a little girl cows were ALWAYS my favorite animal. I had stuffed cows and memorabilia all over the place growing up. And to this day if I'm driving somewhere and see them I still get really excited. So here it is - Cow nails!
These were SO easy to make. I painted my nails white with OPI "Alpine Snow" then used a dotting tool and OPI "Black Onyx" for the spots, nostrils & eyes. And for the pink I used OPI "My Address Is Hollywood". Try it out!

Much Love,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Chicken Nails

Here's another Easter nail design! We had a snowstorm here in Newfoundland yesterday (March 31st - I know!) and the road conditions forced me to stay inside all day - what a great opportunity to do some new nails! 

For this design I did some spring chickens. I just painted my entire nail yellow with Sally Hansen "Yellow Kitty", then painted a white tip with OPI "Alpine Snow" (I got a new one, this time not matte finish) and nail art brush to do a jagged edge to make it look like a cracked egg. I gave them some eyes with OPI "Alpine Snow" & OPI "Black Onyx" and a little beak with OPI "In My Back Pocket". I finished with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and painted the egg part with Essie "Matte About You" to make it look more shell like. Hope you like it :)
I want to shout out to one of my good friends because its her birthday today! She's spending it in Ottawa with her husband & Hey Rosetta at the Junos! Hey Rosetta just had an AMAZING performance and I am very proud of them. If you have never heard of them, please go listen! 

Happy Birthday, Kathy! <3

Much Love,

Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Bunny Nails

Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays - it means that spring is here (or in our case almost here), my birthday is coming up (April 30th), beautiful pastel colours, lots of yummy chocolate, and summer is just right around the corner. My most vivid memory as a child is getting a new beautiful dress with little ankle socks and mary jane shoes on Easter morning. I would go to church with my mom in the morning (my dad is not a church goer), have lunch at my grandparent's and spend all day in that cute little Easter outfit and eat solid chocolate bunnies that I got from my family. I love warm fuzzy memories of my happy childhood :).

Anyway - I wanted to do something Easter for the kids at my work so I did some bunnies! I started this manicure at 10PM and when I opened up my OPI "Alpine Snow" Matte, I found a chunky, lumpy and terribly dried up mess so I couldn't get the bunny ears a consistent size or shape on each nail because the polish would just not cooperate with me. Perhaps I am being too hard on myself but I am a perfectionist. I don't think the children at my work were worried because they went crazy for them...and even the staff loved them!

I painted my whole nail with OPI "Do You Lilac It". I used OPI "Alpine Snow" for the bunny, OPI "My Address Is Hollywood" for the ears and nose, OPI "Dating a Royal" for the eyes and a black striper for the whiskers. Here it is:

I am going to do at least one more Easter manicure before my break so stay tuned :)

Much Love,

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pastel Nails - Mini Egg Inspired

Just a quick post to show you what manicure I am wearing right now. I know its not Easter yet but with all the candy in the stores now its kind of hard to not get into the Easter spirit. Plus, I get Easter holidays - which I am really looking forward to. For these nails, I was inspired by Cadbury Mini Eggs - my favorite Easter treat! I just painted each nail a pastel colour and put Essie "Matte About You" Matte Top Coat to make it look like the candy shell. I skipped the little brown specks that you sometimes see on the outside (but not always) just so they look a more tidy. Here's what I used:

Yellow - Sally Hansen "Yellow Kitty"
Green - OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape"
Blue - OPI "What's With The Cattitude"
Purple - OPI "Do You Lilac It"
Pink - ESSIE "Muchi Muchi"

Now I'm craving mini eggs! Maybe this manicure wasn't such a great idea :)

Much Love,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Silver & Matte Black Ruffian Nails

Ready for a sleek and classy nail look? Then keep reading! 

First things first - I will not take credit for this design. I saw it on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. I did some research on the photo I saw to give credit where credit is due and I think it originally comes from this lovely blog The manicure commonly called "ruffian nails" but also known as "reversed half moon nails" - not to be confused with "half moon nails" that are curved against the cuticle (not with with the cuticle like this manicure). I loved the silver and black matte combination - its so classy!
I used an LA Girl Metallic Silver nail polish, OPI "Black Onyx" and Essie "Matte About You" Top Coat that I just got last week from online.

I used french manicure guide stickers to get the curves at my cuticle. I stopped using them on my tips when my hand got steady but I wanted to get the same shaped curve on every nail for this manicure and these worked out great! Just make sure your bottom layer is completely dry or remove some of the adhesive by sticking it to the back of your hand a few times before applying. Here's exactly what I had...
Try it out for yourself - its a fast and easy manicure that goes with everything! I hope you like it :)

Much Love,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Nails

So I did the green ombre nails which were originally going to be the nails I wore for St. Patrick's Day but was inspired last night to do something a little more. I tried my hand at drawing some shamrocks but it wasn't successful. I googled St. Patrick's Day nails for inspiration and came up with this. I saw some rainbow nails which I automatically fell in love with and what is at the end of a rainbow? A pot of gold! So I did sparkly rainbow on all my fingers and then pots of gold on both my thumbs. I am super proud of how this turned out and everyone is loving them! 
For the blue I used OPI "Dating A Royal", for green I used OPI "Who The Shrek Are You", for the yellow I used OPI "Need Sunglasses", for the orange I used OPI "Hot & Spicy" and for the red I used OPI "Little Red Wagon". I put two coats of China Glaze "Fairy Dust" on top and finished with a top coat. For my thumbs I used OPI "Who The Shrek Are You" for the background, OPI "Black Onyx" for the pot, and GOSH "Gold" & OPI By Nicole "Twist of Fate" for the gold.  

I hope you guys like it! Please be safe if you are having a few green beverages this weekend. Keep an eye out on my twitter to see what eyeshadow look I'll be wearing on Saturday :)
Much Love,