Sunday, December 4, 2011

Help-Portrait St. John's - December 3rd, 2011

Two posts in one day? That's a first for me! I just wanted to give a little more detail on the Help-Portrait St. John's that happened yesterday. I posted a blog a couple of days ago on what it is so please check that out for more information. I was the makeup artist to prep everyone for pictures and I was more than happy to participate but I don't think my heart was ready for all the love I felt that day :)

I got there around 9:40 and unpacked my train case. My husband made me some posters as well as business cards. This is what my table looked like:
I did makeup for about 12 people and every single person loved it! I even had a girl who wanted a dark smokey eye and winged liner! I got tons of hugs, thank you's and smiles which made me feel like a million bucks! I made photographer connections, friends and memories that will last me a lifetime. It was honestly the best experience I ever had volunteering (and I have quite a bit of volunteering experience under my belt).

There was one lady (the last to leave for the day), who came up to me and said I was beautiful, I had the perfect personality for being a makeup artist, thanked me for making her feel beautiful and told me that I made her Christmas. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't holding back tears as she told us what an amazing experience she had. Another lady had a smile on her face from the time she walked in to the time she walked out and she had my cheeks sore from smiling and laughing. She signed her portrait "I love this day" and I will never forget her. Everyone was so grateful for such a wonderful experience and I can't begin to tell you how honored I was to be there among such awesome people. Here we all are :)
And here's a shot of the portraits laid out on a table as we were cluing up for the day:
Big shout out and hugs go out to Stephanie, Shannon and Cory! Cory spot cleaned my makeup brushes after every person. In the afternoon it got so busy that I couldn't do it myself anymore. She also hung out with me all day, and cleaned up old tissues, sponges and mascara wands from my table too! Thanks for being my awesome assistant :). Shannon & Stephanie are sisters (to my surprise not twins haha) and are both super sweet ladies! Shannon did hair and Stephanie was one of the amazing photographers. 

I also want to shout out to the photographers who were there yesterday - you guys did an amazing job! I don't think I have them all on my Facebook but most of us connected via social networking shortly after the event. If you are interested in checking out their pages here are some links:

Brian Carey
Stephanie Robinson

Jess Buckle

Chris Boyd

Brian Scott

Adam Kavanagh

And if you would like to see some of the actual portraits from yesterday, please visit the Help-Portrait St. John's Facebook Page at:

And finally, this is me just after I arrived home...sporting my Help-Portrait shirt (with jeans, comfy mid calf tan boots and a leopard print scarf). I curled my hair in S shaped girls with the barrel of a curling iron (no clamp) using Got 2 B Guardian Angel spray before I curled & Garnier Hairspray for hold. I wore my usual MAC eyeshadow combo: Naked Lunch on the lid, Brown Down in the crease, Handwritten in the outer V and Brule on brow bone, NARS Blush in Orgasm, MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line as liner, Revlon Colourstay Foundation in shade 200, MAC loose powder in NC20, Rimmel Concealer, and L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara!
So overall, fantastic day. Have I said that already? :) ...I was exhausted and my back isn't in good shape today but it was all worth it. Next time I know I'm having more than a few clients, I'm going to drag my bar stool along so I don't have to bend down so much. I hope I have the opportunity to do this again sometime in the future because this has absolutely made my Christmas!

Much Love,

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  1. "She signed her portrait 'I love this day.'"

    I remember her. I'm happy she enjoyed herself. She certainly had a big smile in her photo.

    Thanks for taking part. Someone asked me Saturday night if we had anyone doing makeup for the women because that would be a great thing to have. I was happy to say we did. :)