Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow Leopard Nails

I did these just before my Christmas Light Nails and posted it on my Twitter but totally forgot to make a blog post! Shocking because these are one of my favorite designs I've done so far. I probably say that about all of them but I can really see myself wearing this a few times over the winter. I just used a solid white as the base, a silver for the spots and black nail art pen to finish the design. Pretty simple :) ...hope you like it!

Much Love,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snowman Nails!

Keeping with the theme of Christmas and winter...I decided to try some Snowman nails - very fitting since where I live just got bombed with 30+ CM of snow on Thursday and shut down most of my city! This was a very productive snow day because I am IN LOVE with this design and very proud of how well it turned out!  I picked up OPI's "She's Golden" from a bin at my local drugstore for $4.99 and it was the PERFECT base for snowman faces! The red is "Ruby Pumps" by China Glaze and I used a gold striper for the hat. 

Hope you like it! :)

Much Love,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Light Nails

With just over a month left before Christmas, I figured it was finally time to start sporting Christmas themed nails. Too early? tree will be going up VERY soon. I work with kids aged 5-12 so its really fun for my workplace as well :)

First design is CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! Yeah, its been done before by many different people in many different kind of ways but this is my version of it. I sponged on my white tips and put a clear shimmery polish on top to mimic sparkling snow. I just dotted the colours on with a bobby pin and pointed off the top with a toothpick to make the light shape.

Enjoy....and stay tuned for more Christmas nail art :)

Much Love,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Polka Dot Nails

Sorry I've been MIA but I haven't been feeling well lately. I think I'm finally starting the climb back uphill so here's a nail design for you! I wanted something fall inspired but fast to create as I didn't have a lot of time Sunday night. I decided to try a brown base and orange polka dots (using the tip of a bobby pin as a dotting tool) and I really like the result! I lined up the dots in a row and it looks really neat and tidy!  

Here's what I used:

OPI Nail Envy as a Base Coat
OPI "Suzy Loves Cowboys" as a base
OPI "In My Back Pocket" as the polka dots
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

And here's what it looks like!

Bye for now! :)

Much Love,