Saturday, September 17, 2011

Toronto Haul!

Hello lovely followers!

I didn't go to Toronto but I certainly got a lovely haul from there. My dad was visiting family last week and picked me up a few things. I got some MAC and my first Coach Bag! I am so in love with it...lets just get to the pictures!!

I got 4 eyeshadows:
  • Club (I don't know why it took me so long to get this. Its beautiful and I want to wear it every single day).
  • Brun (like I don't have enough matte brown eyeshadows but this one doesn't have any red tones so its a great addition)
  • Goldmine (I have Gorgeous Gold and to be honest I thought Goldmine was going to be different but they seem very similar to me)
  • Tempting (Loving this one too...I love my shimmery neutrals)
Club & Brun

 Goldmine & Tempting

I also got Select Sheer/Loose Powder in NC20.

I usually don't bother much with MAC face products and I was mainly focused on building my eyeshadow collection. I had this on my wanted list for a while now and finally decided to get it. This sets my liquid foundation perfectly - makes my face look matte and stays that way all day long. I find this product works way better than MAC Prep & Prime setting powder. Both are "translucent" but this doesn't make me look pale. Not sure if its because its a skintone shade and the Prep & Prime is white but whatever it is, I love the result and it will be added to my HG products (which is an upcoming blog!!)

And here is my authentic Coach Bag. I wouldn't be able to tell you what kind it is...I looked it up but was unable to find it.
Its my first designer & Coach bag and definitely won't be my last :)
Thanks Dad! xo

Beautiful grey & black medium sized back with black leather strap

 Beautiful lilac lining inside!

 Outside detailing

Its incredibly comfortable on my nothing else I've ever owned!! 

My amazing cousin Tracy also gave me a gorgeous Coach black wristlet that's perfect for those George Street nights (if you don't know what George Street it!). Here's a pic!

That's all for now...time to paint my nails :)

Much Love,

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  1. Lovely post!
    Goldmine and tempting look delicious! <3