Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: OPI Shatter Collection

I mean, really...who doesn't want a beautiful effortless manicure that you can do at home by yourself for super cheap!? Its only a few swipes of a base colour, a few swipes of the Shatter and you're done! Finish it off with a top coat and it looks like you sat in a salon for 2 hours getting your nails done by a professional!

Shatter is a pretty well-known product now but I still get so many compliments on my nails when I wear it. There are so many colour combinations and you can wear any brand of nail polish underneath for even more options! Pink under Red for valentines day; Orange under Black for halloween; glitter nail polish under black for a night out...the possibilities are endless! 

The technique of Shatter takes a little time to master but its pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I put a large amount on my brush and sweep it from cuticle to tip in about 3 swipes giving me a blocky Shatter effect. The other option is to apply it thin and get a more stripe effect. I've even seen it applied diagonally and horizontally but I haven't tried that...yet!

OPI is definitely my favorite nail polish product for many reasons. The staying power is like no other (I get a week out of my manicure every single time) and the brush is large making application very easy. It doesn't bubble when you use more than 1 coat and for the most part all are very well pigmented. The shatter collection is no different. I won't write a book on each shade but I'll do a mini review on each shade in case you are wondering which ones I highly recommend you purchase.

1. Blue Shatter
Rating: 2/5

Probably my least favorite of them all. I don't know if I received a bad bottle but I can't get it to shatter correctly and its way too sheer. It really only works over really light colours which limits your options. 

2. Turquoise Shatter
Rating: 5/5

Definitely one of my shimmery and pigmented! It looks great with just about every nail polish I own. My favorite combination this over OPI's "Purple With A Purpose". Looks amazing over hot pink, black white or even silver. I reach for this one a lot!

3. Black Shatter
Rating: 4/5

This the first one I purchased from the collection. Looks amazing over everything and I especially love wearing this on top of glitter nail polishes. Very pigmented and shatters nicely. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the matte finish but that can easily be fixed with a nice top coat.

4. Silver Shatter
Rating: 5/5

Another one of my favorites and looks amazing with everything! I love wearing it with dark colours underneath...such as black, navy and plum. I reach for this one a lot as well!


5. Navy Shatter
Rating: 5/5

If you're going to get a blue shatter I'd highly recommend getting Navy. While it looks dark in the bottle the blue is very noticeable when applied to your nails. It works best with light polishes but looks great colours such as lilac, orange, yellow, pink, green, etc.


6. White Shatter
Rating: 2/5

I'm not a huge fan of this particular shatter. It goes best with dark shades but also looks nice under colourful polishes such as pink, green, blue, etc; however, I find no matter how long I let my base colour dry, the colour will bleed with the white. I also find that my bottle doesn't shatter like the rest of the shades. 

A lot of people on complain about the Shatter clumping in and around the top of the bottle as well as on the brush after a while but I've had my Black Shatter since January and its still in perfect condition. My recommendation is to make sure the bottle is tight when you store it, and don't leave the top off for too long when doing your manicure.

One more thing...just in case you didn't know, OPI is coming out with pink Shatter this October for Breast Cancer Awareness. Since my last name is pink you can imagine I am very excited about this shatter. I will post a review when I've purchased :)

I hope you enjoyed my review on the OPI Shatter Collection...until next time!

Much Love,
A. Pink

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not sponsored by OPI and all above items were purchased with my own money.

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